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Separate iron roller Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) machine is a novel rice huller machine. It is mainly used to directly grind rice into white rice, and automatically separate rice, fine mash, small broken rice and valley nozzle without separation by windmill or separation. The white rice processed by this machine has high purity, and the rough will automatically return to the mill, and all become fine, which becomes a good feed. The machine is compact in structure, easy to install and easy to install. It has a de-sizing device for collecting sputum and reducing environmental pollution. It has superior performance and reliable work. It is an excellent machine for processing rural and concentrated rice.

This rice huller machine is a separate iron roller rice huller machine (roller horizontal type), which consists of feeding device, broken shell whitening device, rotating device, discharging device, rice bran separation device, machine base, dust collector and other parts.


1. Feeding device It consists of material door, material door seat, import gate, etc. The material door is used to store a certain amount of material, and it falls into the whitening room by gravity, and the flow rate of the material is controlled by the inlet gate.

2. Broken shell whitening device: Mainly composed of cover, roller, square box, rice knife, rice sieve and so on. The square box is fixed on the machine base with two bolts. The box is equipped with three screen holders for supporting and adjusting the rice screen. The cover and the square box are connected to form a broken shell whitening device.

3. Transmission: The left end of the main shaft is equipped with a pulley, which is driven by a belt to drive the roller and the fan.

4. Discharging device: It consists of the rice nozzle, the exit gate, the slippery plate, etc., and uses the exit gate to control the production capacity of the rice machine and the precision level of the meter.

5. Rice bran separation device: It consists of fan, separator, slide screen and so on. It mainly completes the automatic separation of rice, rough, valley and small broken rice.

6. Cross seat: It consists of wall panels, tie rods, etc., and plays a supporting role.

7. Set device: It consists of air duct and dust collector to collect rough and dust removal. To keep the rough, just turn the duster out of the door.

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