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The key to the technology of rice fine grinding is to choose a reasonable fine grinding process and advanced fine Rice Huller(LIANGGONG) machine. According to the actual production experience in recent years, it is more reasonable for the fine rice processing to choose the three-machine milling process, no matter the fine grinding. The stalked rice or glutinous rice can be adapted, and the three-machine whitening process adopts the process of two sands and one iron to ensure the product quality, and is particularly beneficial for improving the effect and quality of the subsequent rice polishing. As for the choice of fine rice huller equipment, the mechanism of rice milling, rapid and light milling can not only reduce the amount of crushing, but also ensure that the surface of the rice grain does not produce scars caused by strong grinding, large-diameter vertical sand roller rice huller equipment It belongs to the model of fast and light grinding. It is better to reduce the crushing and keep the surface of the rice grain flat than the horizontal sand roller rice milling equipment. For the grain type slender rice, it is more suitable to use the vertical sand roller rice huller equipment.

Rice fine grinding is the technical basis for processing high-quality polished rice. Only by grasping the quality of rice fine grinding, can we provide white rice with uniform peeling and fine grain surface for subsequent rice polishing, which makes the surface of polished rice smooth, crystal clear and jade, and improve rice. Product value. At the same time, the rice milling process is closely related to the economic and technical indicators such as rough whitening rate, crushing rate and whitening power consumption. Therefore, rice processing enterprises realize important technical guarantees of high quality and low consumption.

For the processing precision, the two-way or three-way vertical sand roller milling equipment is generally used in series and whitening, which can meet the requirements of precision whitening. The horizontal milling equipment should be made of two sands and one iron three. The machine's whitening process is more suitable, and do not blindly pursue the number of whitening. Too many white roads will not only increase the white electricity consumption, but also cause over-grinding, which will lead to a decrease in the rice yield. Whether vertical rice milling equipment or horizontal rice milling equipment, the principle of multi-machine light milling is followed. , keep the skin evenly, the grain surface is flat, and the rate of breakage is low. This is the principle requirement for the processing of polished rice, and it is also the basic condition for ensuring the subsequent polishing of white rice.

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