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Brown rice is a whole grain rice obtained after the rice is removed from the rice husk by the Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) machine. After it has been shelled, it still retains some outer layer tissue, so it has a thicker texture and a tighter texture. It takes more time to cook. But it is richer in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber than ordinary white rice, and is considered a green and healthy food.

Brown rice is a caryopsis whose surface is smooth and shiny. In the brown rice grain, the side of the rice grain with the embryo is called the abdomen white, and the side without the embryo is called the back side. There are five longitudinal grooves on the surface of the brown rice, and one on the back is called the back groove.

The specific processing steps are as follows:

1. Place the paddy separator on the workbench smoothly, put in the brown rice, and plug in the power plug.

2. Determine the separator time and adjust the timing knob.

3. Take out the pressure in the hopper, take 17-20g of brown rice (water content is not more than 15% is appropriate) into the hopper, let it flow into the whitening room; first press the power button to start, then put down thallium.

4. At the specified time, the rice mill will automatically stop, first remove the hopper and remove the mink. Then insert the hopper, then take out the pressure, turn the front rotation handle to the right, so that the milled rice room falls into the hopper, turn the timing knob to 0 position, press the power button to make the grinding wheel idle for a few seconds, so that The rice grains in the separator room are all dropped, and then the rice is pulled out and sieved to obtain the polished rice.

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