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In the food processing industry, Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) is an essential part, and the degree of dryness of food affects sales, processing, and sales. Relatively long is human screening and wind screening, with low efficiency and unreliable factors. With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, more and more food screening and cleaning machinery has entered the public's sight. With high efficiency, large processing capacity, good cleaning effect, and quickly occupying the market, it has also been loved by the people. The commonly used screening and cleaning equipment is mainly divided into vibration screening and wind screening, and the vibration screening machine is divided into linear vibrating screen and rotary vibrating screen. Different ways of cleaning the screen cleaning methods are different, and the materials to be cleaned will also have a gap. Today, I will talk about the differences and choices between flat rotary screening machines and common screening machines.

The plane rotary screening machine, like the name, is a rotary screen, a single layer and a multi-layer rotary screening machine. Each point on the screen is made into a circular motion. The particle size of the material is different and automatically graded to achieve other screening equipment. It is not possible to screen the effects of the same quality materials and magazines, as well as powder and particulate materials in the fine and ultra-fine range. It is often used to screen the light impurities in the rice husk, the hay sticks in the buckwheat hulls, the circular surface of the sieve surface, and the larger contact surfaces of the impurities are separated through the sieve holes of the sieve surface. The equipment commonly used in screening machines refers to the vibrating screening machine, and the screen surface is used for linear screening movement. It is the most commonly used screening equipment. It has a wide application range, large cleaning amount and good effect, and is popular among the public. It can be applied to the cleaning and screening of various granular grain and grain. The selection of screening equipment can be used as a reference according to the density, size and fluidity of the materials to be screened. The two types of screening machines with good particle transferability can be selected, the liquidity is poor, and the density can be selected.

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